A little Colombian mermaid! Para Eliza … Muito obrigada como sempre ;) (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)
C.A.S.A. : las montañitas… Para mi conterráneo! Juanito (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)
THIS SUNDAY!!:: I Will be participating on a collective art expo supporting ‘Não Mate’ Movement . Art pieces for Sale! Support a Good Cause!! :: Let’s not eat them! ———- #nocruelty #nãomate
Cleopatra inspired… For Karina. :)
Fun B/W seahorse… For Laura. :) (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)
Poppy Flower.. For Laura.  (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)
For Deborah
Girl+Butterfly+Panther for Kadhine… :)
ManekiNeko for Patricia… Ready to be part of her almost finished bodysuit by Iván Százi .. Honored for the chance. :)
Last piece in Alexandre’s Arm!!!! Thank You so much for being this persistent and for choosing me to tattoo you ;)  (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)
Finished coverup phenix! 💛
"Bailaora"… For Isabela. 💃 (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)
LOVE CAT.LOVE.RS  (at Pma_tattoo_rockers)